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Mobile Applications are becoming more popular day by day with the increasing use of smart phones and tablets. You would do well to get into the Mobile App market to provide your users the most convenient option to interact with you. We at mizzle make sure that the UI of a mobile application is creative as well as attractive and truly represents the image of your brand or product.

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Do you know 98% of spamming, phishing & attacks cases are caused by vulnerable websites? Do you know a website that contains malware will be blocked by Popular websites and might get removed from index of popular search engines? If you are not aware how much important the security of your website is, you should know it now. If not, unfortunately you may have to pay for the lesson learnt later. Hacking a website is a lot more easier than you might think. A website can be hacked via a security vulnerability at the custom written code or on the popular application installed or less likely at the hosting environment.

How can you be sure your website is secure? Mizzle provides unique Security Testing service to ensure the same. We combine some important tests to Website security check services are provided which test the security of the website before the opening and surfing of the website, lowering the risk factor and ensuring safety of the computer.

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