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Domain registration is the first step in starting your online venture. Choose your domain wisely. You can register a domain of choice through us. We can also find a better domain for you if you would like.

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The very first action for setting up an online venture is to find out a Domain name of your choice and registering it. Mizzle offers you valuable consultation on which of the domain name you could choose depends upon your industry, location and domain availability. Domain name, just like a company name, can’t be changed often so it is highly beneficial for you to have a team of experts advice you on things which are so important to you.
Our services include:


Domain Registration
Domain Renewal
Domain Transfer
  DNS Hosting

With us you don’t have to worry about issues like:


Domain Ownership issues

The domain name not under the registration of the legal contact of the company can become the cause of several issues in future including third party ownership claims. So, care is taken that no domain ownership issues arise.


Domain Expiry

Domain name has to be renewed by the owner before the expiry date else a number of formalities are involved in regaining the domain name and even the loss of domain name is a possibility. Such complications are avoided and taken care of by Mizzle.


Technical issues

Contact details, Contact authorization, Name servers assignments are some of the technical factors involved with the domain registration process. These need not frighten you as long as we are there.


Security issues

A domain consists of domain security policy and domain controller security policy. Every detail about these matters are made clear to you and assistance is given for a smooth running of your website.

General steps for registering a domain is as below:

Create a list of desired domain names
Check availability of domain names
Select the number of years you want to register it.
Fill your personal details
Make payments.

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