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At Mizzle We study about your business area and help you choose the right PPC marketing channels. We do everything from starting up with a paid marketing account, audit your account and manage your paid adds.

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One of the PPC Marketing Channels is Search Engine Marketing, next step of Search Engine Optimization. While SEO is a must, this is recommended if you want to get instant results. Paid Marketing is mainly recommended at the time of your website/brand launch. It would take some time for websites to be ranked high on search engines even if you perform SEO depending upon how much competition is there in your industry and/or location. This is where paid marketing is necessary so that you can get noticed right from the beginning. Your websites or a product or service is popular as soon as it is launched. Overall, it is a great marketing medium for short term benefits.

Pay per click marketing is found to be very effective for websites just like any other marketing channel. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have all paid listing option. Similarly, all major Social Media sites have Ads facility or sponsored posts. PPC Marketing has the benefit of getting improved traffic as well as getting noticed in a very short time. We do everything from starting up with a paid marketing account, audit your account and manage your paid ads.

Features of Mizzle’s Paid Internet Marketing Service are:





An overall statistical study for action decision is carried out here. You can use our detailed performance analytics data to help better communication to prospective customers thereby gaining stability in sales which translates to more profit in your business.




Competitive Analysis

The data that is gained from our competitive analysis will help you form the structure of your campaign and the backbone of your optimization strategy.




Key Performance Indicators





We create comprehensive reports with all crucial data. Using our extensive reports you can scale and measure your online marketing progress on the go.

Various Paid Online Marketing Options

Search Engine Marketing (Adwords)
Online Display Advertising
Social Media Ads / Sponsored Posts (Facebook, LinkedIn etc)
Online Video Marketing

Professional Internet Marketing Service

All of the major internet leaders like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to advertise your product or service along with other high traffic websites which are related to your service industry. Here at Mizzle, we will help you to:

Find the best PPC marketing channels for you
Design your Ad
Place your Ads with appropriate target audience
Monitor & Manage your Ad campaigns
Analyze the Ad performance & make instant updates
Prepare & Send Reports

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