There are many advantages of outsourcing a work to Mizzle or hiring an individual from Mizzle rather than hiring an individual to work in-house such as

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If you are in the lookout for experienced, dedicated and intelligent professionals who can make a devastating change to your firm, get you awestruck with their work and make it stand out as unique, then your search for such affordable proficient ends here. Mizzle Web provides you with their workforce of immense knowledge and IT expertise. The day by day developing IT field is just a piece of cake for us, who aims at being up to date with the most recent advancements in softwares, technologies and innovations. You can choose from our group of professionals suiting your preferences, nature of work and expected talents.


Hire Android Developers

Creation of new and innovative projects in the Android Operating System is not an easy task. Yet our team of Android developers is ever ready to assist you and be of entire service to you in the Android environment. We can provide you with professional Android Developers who can design beautiful looking, great performance apps that can run not only on mobiles and tabs but also on watches, TVs and in cars, making use of facilities such as Maps, Analytics etc. Read more…


Hire Graphic Designer

Graphic designing not your piece of cake? Then here are highly experienced and talented graphic designers who are ready to make your dream in to a reality and fulfill your chances of success.
Exposure to various demands and opportunities from corporate of different types, punctual and perfect completion of tedious works with the most grace and ingenious creations that are sure to surprise and satisfy the mind are guaranteed products from our professional graphic designers. Read more…


Hire PHP Developers

Your search for PHP experts ends here. We have PHP developers at all levels ready to undertake any task that you might want. They can work with teams to make the project successful and obtain fruitful results.

PHP developers of Mizzle Web are well capable of rendering their vast knowledge and capabilities to provide you standard class results. Our PHP developers make use of their following capabilities to serve you, such as: Read more…


Hire Web Designers

A web designer is typically an artist. A web designer is expected to have an artistic spark, an urge to do or create something unique that stands out as an exceptional piece of art work. This flash of creativity is essential for the development of a web site if it has to make to make an impact on the users of the Internet world. A website that attracts people and inspires them to say �Wow!! So attractive� cool!� is the sweetest success that a web designer could get for his work. Read more…


Hire Content Writers

Does your website have attractive contents that can not only impress those who read it but also give them an urge to interact with you to learn more about the product/service?

We offer you our talented content writers to write contents perfectly suited for your firm that can sure make an impact on you and definitely boost up the publicity of your website. Read more…

You can either outsource your project to us or hire one or more professionals from us whichever is convenient to you. There are many advantages of outsourcing a work to Mizzle or hiring an individual from Mizzle rather than hiring an individual to work in-house such as :

Cost cutting

The amount of time, efforts and money that need to be spent to hire a new individual and train to make him/her capable of doing a particular task is incredible and it might not take even half of .

Well Trained Engineers

Our team of professionals is well experienced in working under different working conditions, with or without groups, under tight time schedules and at the most qualified levels so that only the best need to be expected from them.

Managed by experts

the background source of our staff is managed and monitored by a team of experts who can give advice on any related topic at any hour of the day. The work is closely scrutinized for the best results.

Availability of Huge Knowledge Resource

The knowledge resource of the individuals at Mizzle is huge because of the experience in handling many small to large projects, constant interaction with clients from different fields of work, research and study of various new forms and techniques that can be implemented in the IT field and an urge to remain updated and being the best about that is available in this field makes up for a highly dependable work force that you can rely upon.

Core process concentration

Once a job is outsourced that particular work can be given complete attention and greatest care without being troubled by the other related jobs revolving around it. This gives the company lesser distraction and the hired individual lesser tension and chance for greater commitment to the project in hand.

Risk sharing

the outcome of a project and the risks factors related to it are shared by the company and the hired individual. Since hired individuals are experts in their job, companies can relax regarding the risk factor.

Infrastructure and technology savings

The extra infrastructure that might have to be required for the outsourced job is reduced since the hired individual takes up the entire responsibility once the job has been outsourced.

Time Zone Factor

in many cases outsourcing across time zones has the added advantage that when the company staff is asleep, the outsourced staff that is located across the globe is still working thereby making the company on duty 24×7.

Greater efficiency

All the above factors that help in reducing unwanted extra costs, expert assistance, time zone efficiency, core process focus, faster and affordable work completion, all these eventually help the company in getting a positive, fruitful and healthy result out of job outsourcing.

What you can look for at Mizzle web are the following:

Web Designer
PHP Developer
Android Developer
SEO Expert
Internet Marketing Specialist
Content Writer
Wep Peformance Optimizer

Just to name a few of them. Feel free to contact us and give us suggestions about what you want and what you expect from us. You are surely going to be satisfied with what we offer you since we do not compromise for anything rather than the best that is there to provide.

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