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Template design / CMS customization service

Want to setup your website on one of the popular CMS applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc but want to have a unique design that matches with the theme of your brand/firm? Have a new application installed on the website that looks odd with a design that doesn’t sync with the design of rest of the website?

Just relax now that you have reached the right place to get the best solution. Mizzle’s Template Design service is all you need. It is necessary to have a identical design through the entire website that showcases your company theme to stick your brand into the minds of potential clients. Custom made website design templates are simple elements that a new online venture can approach and implement in their business for the marketing and development of the venture. A unique template for each unique website is the aspect that makes the website stands out among various other websites. Mizzle help you create a brand new template for the application installed on the website or even the application that is run as the website itself that sync with your brand.

We design Website templates keeping the interests of the client and matching the design of existing brand materials. Customizing applications to suit your brand theme increases your brand value among the users. The nicely created template keep the customers impressed and make them glued to the website.

The key factors that make our website templates the best choice you could ever have are:

Suit Your Brand Theme

Our designers and developers take into consideration about your company brand in everything that they create for your website. The templates are all professional and customized based on your brand. One of the kind design that soothes the eye and impresses the brain cells.

Stylish & Neat

The template that we build is not only neat and organized but also sophisticated. Shades and combinations of colors to give your website that eye attracting appearance.Moreover, we take extreme care to cater to the present trends while creating new templates for your business websites.


easy to create, update and endorse. Every part of the website can be easily improved upon and therefore upgrading can be done in a jiffy


rates that suit your earnings and interests. We have several kinds of plans to suit different kinds of customers since we know each business has particular needs. Choose from any kind of price ranges and discover an easy way to get customers and instant profit.

The choice is yours. Try out a template with complete guidance from our staff and we are sure that you will be a most satisfied web owner.

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