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Creation of new and innovative projects in the Android Operating System is not an easy task. Yet our team of Android developers is ever ready to assist you and be of entire service to you in the Android environment. We can provide you with professional Android Developers who can design beautiful looking, great performance apps that can run not only on mobiles and tabs but also on watches, TVs and in cars, making use of facilities such as Maps, Analytics etc.
With the expansion of the usage of mobiles and the many applications that are being incorporated in the mobiles, Android app development services are gaining worldwide recognition and greater companies are seeking for Android app developers. Many companies have their own Android Business Apps by means of which they can interact directly with the customers.

Moreover the Android OS is an open platform that makes it possible for developing various new and innovative kinds of apps, be it enterprises or games and everything can be done at a minimal cost. Some of the innovative and modern mobile applications that can be developed using the Android App development services are:

GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, UMTS, EDGE, Bluetooth and EV-DO technologies that can be used for receiving or sending data across mobile networks.

Availability of a comprehensive library that can store 2D and 3D graphics.

Accessibility to a wide range of libraries that can be used for the storage of images, videos and audio files.

Facilities for Interprocess Communication (IPC) message passing etc.
Customization at the OS level for audio/video apps, client/server based apps, all types of games, etc can be provided to you at the most affordable rates.
Our team of Android developers is equipped with the following qualities that might be useful to you, such as

Highly useful features such as Video camera, Touch screen, GPS, Accelerometer, and magnetometer that can be incorporated into mobiles.

Experience in publishing android applications for a number of diverse projects

Experience with android SDK, capable of taking the greatest advantage of the OS�s functionalities.

Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle

Knowledge of general mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies

Android for Wear- which are small yet powerful devices that can be worn on the body and be used for getting useful information about reaching fitness goals, respond to messages and ask questions, get relevant information etc from the handheld device.

Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON Working as a part of a group or as individuals our professionals can be of guaranteed assistance to you beyond your expectations. Our experts are well equipped with android applications for a variety of purposes such as

Android for TV- which makes TV and its features extraordinary!! You can change channels by voice search, engage with interactive games and make TV viewing an altogether new experience.

Android for Auto- with features such as entertainment music by apps and messaging services and mapping via the car�s controls and screens.
Android applications made easily accessible to by the help of our proficient android developers. So do not wait and take your chance to a new world as soon as possible.

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