Website Setup Checklist for Your Business

Your Website should be Your Best Office as it would have more visits than all your physical offices combined. Hence it deserves your utmost attention, money investment and serious efforts. Here you can find the ultimate checklist to setup the perfect business for your brand or company.


In the present Internet era, people interested or at least curious customers would first of all look up your Website before reaching to a conclusion about the company and its services. In spite of all beautifully decorated physical offices, a well developed website would be the basis for the judgment of the company. That is why web development is given the utmost care and consideration as you are the most valued customer for us.

Hence your website deserve investing adequate time, efforts and money you have. There is a five points checklist to help you create the perfect website for your business.

Present Your Company / Brand

Your website should present your firm very well. Utmost attention needs to be given while presenting your firm with contents, images and what not. Ultimately, you should be able to impress your potential customers, and there will be a lot of them, with the web presentation of your company. The magic component for converting your potential customers to actual customers is building a brand for your company as well as website. Your website design should gel nicely with your brand theme as well.

Showcase Products & Services

A clear-cut, meticulous, and easy to understand description of the services and products offered by the company should be given to the potential customers in a simple language so that they are automatically forced to do business with your firm. You should showcase your products and services in such a way that potential customers should believe you are the best choice for them. Utmost research and planning should go into pricing your products or services to make it competitive and affordable. The more strategic it becomes, the less competitors you have to face.

Market Them Carefully

Well planned and calculative steps have to be taken to market the product or service on your website since competition is nowadays high everywhere. You should identify the benefits of your products and services alike and market them. You need to pay utmost care to content writing. The contents displayed on the website must be carefully constructed with a good sense of marketing. You should also look for other affordable marketing options such as Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing to bring more customer visits. The more people visit your website, the more business you are going to make.

Sell Them Instantly

The customers choice of purchase has to be taken care of immediately with great care and fastest speed so that they can strengthen their belief in our capability and credibility. You should be smart to force the customers to make purchase right away, probably on their first visit itself. You should have an easy-to-use ordering system and online payment gateway integration on your website unless it is not feasible for your business (eg:- Construction industry). Even in such cases, the website should at the very least have a facility to start the first point of sale (eg:- a Request for Proposal form).

Interact With Your Customers

An ideal website should have the facility for customers to interact with you – either pre sale or post sale. Some of the customers would have certain doubts about the products or services offered and hence would be interested to send a query or two. You should have the proper system and personals in place so that the customers can send their enquiries at the fastest way possible – either through chat or help desk (email) – and they are responded even faster. Constant interaction with the customers making sure that they are satisfied with the services provided to them and resolution of all their unwanted queries and doubts is the final yet ever continuing responsibility of your firm.

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