Top 10 uses of .htaccess file

Uses of .htaccess in website

.htaccess is a configuration file used in Apache Web Server. Apache detects and executes the .htaccess file if found. .htaccess file can be used to enable/disable additional functionality of apache web server. This file affects the files and sub directories in the directory it is placed in.

Below are the top 10 usage of htaccess files

1) Security

.htaccess files are often used to provide security restriction for a particular directory. The .htpaswd file is used along with .htaccess file to password protect a directory.

Quick Comparison between PDO (PHP Data Objects) and MySQli

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Troubleshooting and Debugging techniques for PHP programmers

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Web Application Development

Web applications have become even more popular of late. The major advantage of having a web application are its easy of use, accessibility and platform independence. A web application can be accessed from any part of the world using any device that have web browser installed in it.

Mobile App Development

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