Troubleshooting and Debugging techniques for PHP programmers

PHP Trouble Shooting & Debugging

First thing to do while troubleshooting your code is enabling error reporting.You can start by including the below two lines of code at the start of your PHP script. ini_set(‘display_errors’,1); error_reporting(E_ALL); There are four types of errors in PHP. 1. Syntax ErrorsSyntax errors are caused by typo in your code. A missing semicolon, parenthesis or […]

Top 5 PHP Security tips

Top 5 PHP Security Tips

PHP Security: Top 5 tips Input data validation 1) input data validation is an integral part while developing an application. It is easy to hack your application if there is no data validation in place for user inputs. Make sure you validate the data executed by eval() if you ever want to use eval() in […]

What you should know about Spams

Those annoying messages, emails, and other forms of unsolicited communication that we receive are lovingly called ‘spams.‘ Sometimes you get them in such large amounts that can be quite bothersome. It is fairly obvious about the disadvantages of spam (irritating people, wasting their time, and taking up space on people’s hard-drives are just a few), […]

Does Low Website Speed Affect your Business

Low Website Speed - Best Web Designers Calicut

This article discusses about the importance of website speed and how your website as well as your business as a whole are affected due to pages on your website taking more time to load. Loading… Loading… Loading… Are you tired of seeing the rotation of your browser’s load status icon never stops when you access certain websites. […]